[sf-lug] SF-LUG 2007-04-16 & administrators of sf-lug.com. host

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Apr 14 19:16:00 PDT 2007

SF-LUG 2007-04-16 & administrators of sf-lug.com. host

So, ... I'm curious - any idea how many of the system administrators
of the sf-lug.com. host will be at the SF-LUG 2007-04-16 meeting?  I
was thinking of attending that meeting (a bit out of my way, but would
be good to have some discussions regarding administration of the system).

If you're planning to attend the SF-LUG 2007-04-16 meeting please feel
free to drop me a note.  I do also plan to be at the BALUG meeting
2007-04-17, which is also in San Francisco (and probably BAD on
2007-04-18, and almost certainly BUUG on 2007-04-19 ... okay, so I
usually don't make it to *that* many user group meetings in a single

At least some of the various issues/questions/topics for discussion
that come up (or at least I think of) for the host include items such
o better defining "rules of the road" to avoid potential conflicts or
o does sf-lug *really* want most of the host administrative chatter on
  the sf-lug list, or might it be preferable to have a separate list
  for that?  (or maybe decide if/when that becomes an issue)
o /etc/motd and /home/sflug/{admin,rhcte,python}/policies - /etc/motd
  ... a bit long, but it references those policies files, but what
  those files state, and the reality reflected on the system seem to
  be becoming increasingly out-of-sync.  E.g.
  /home/sflug/admin/policies notes that there are 5 users in
  /etc/sudoers ... there are in fact 9 that have unrestricted
  superuser (root) access (access to or exceeding unrestricted general
  shell as root).  That file also indicates "currently all persons
  with login accounts on this host are members of the webmasters group
  and the sflug group" ... in fact at least some aren't members of
  group sflug ... which makes reading the
  /home/sflug/{admin,rhcte,python}/policies files referenced in
  /etc/motd rather difficult:
  drwxrwx---  23 sflug sflug 4096 Feb 11 12:13 /home/sflug
  Now, I certainly wouldn't want to presume that permissions there
  should be o+rx for the directory(/ies) and o+r for the files, as it
  might possibly well be the case that someone intended to prevent
  those that aren't members of group sflug from accessing some
  files/directories (or even determining the names of the files) in,
  or beneath the /home/sflug directory.
o What's the role of sf-lug.org. vs. sf-lug.com.?  Will users (most
  notably web site visitors) get confused if/when they're not
  identical or if/when they contain distinct and conflicting
Anyway, ... many potential areas to examine, but that at least
scratches the surface of examples of some areas that may call for some
closer examination and discussion.

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