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Has anyone heard from Jim lately?



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Quoting Sameer Verma (sverma at sfsu.edu):

> I came across another Ext2 FileSystem driver for Windows: 
> http://ext2fsd.sourceforge.net/
> I've been using it for some time now. Seems to work well. Given the 
> choice of NTFS and Ext2/3, I decided to go with Ext camp simply 
> because we know how it works and its not going to be [potentially] 
> held hostage by a third party. Cannot say the same for NTFS.
Probably more likely over the long term to be maintained and debugged,
compared to the Ext2 IFS for Windows implementation I cited earlier,
because it's GNU GPL rather than proprietary.  Good find.  (Duly noted
in my knowledgebase.)

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