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Jim Stockford jim.stockford at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 12:24:20 PST 2007

   would you consider bringing in people with some but
not a lot of experience as testers? I can imagine that
after writing up info you get from gurus you would
sometimes be grateful that a relative newbie tried to
follow your write ups and revealed omissions and bugs.
   I'd be willing to help out once i finish my current
contract (and before i get into my next one).

On 3/7/07, Mark G Sobell <mark at sobell.com> wrote:
> Hi All --
> I am looking for some help with converting my Red Hat book to Ubuntu. I am
> running into all sorts of strange (to me) beasts (resolvconf anyone?) that
> someone with Ubuntu/Debian server/admin experience would be able to
> wrestle
> down in minutes. It is taking me days to track down (frequently
> unsatisfactory) answers. For example, I am stuck on showing an example of
> using named as a caching-only nameserver. On the 'net people use other,
> lighter-weight products, but for the purpose of my book I want to show how
> to
> do it using named. I could go on.
> If you are interested, see my Web page for more details (www.sobell.com).
> If
> you know anyone who might be able to help, please forward this message to
> that person.
> Thanks,
>                Mark Sobell
> --
>                Mark
>                mark at sobell.com
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