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I didn't touch a ton on this subject because my firm deals mostly with contract/consulting opportunities... That being said from my experience entry level work will usually also = fulltime permanent work not contracts. The times I have worked on entry level fulltime work the managers generally are looking for not so much the technical background but for somebody who is smart. I know that can be hard to portray sometimes but most of the time when I speak with the managers they tell me I am just looking for a smart guy to bring in, someone who I can teach them what they need to know and then let them run with it and learn more on their  own. Certification can definitely help in the entry level world. On the resume the most critical thing to portray is that you have gone out on your own and learned the skills needed and you need to be sure to portray on the resume that the position you are looking for is not congruent to your past work. Show the manager what you know how to do on the resume and tell them what you want to learn to do... Hope this helps!


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Hi Everyone: 

At our last meeting, we had a recruiter come and give 
us his perspective on the employment situation in the 
Linux world. It looks good. 

But here's a question. What is the minimum 
requirements to be employable at an entry level? Would 
a Red Hat certified Technician, RHCT, certificate be 
enough? Would doing a certificate course at City 
College of San Francisco be enough? 

For guys like me, I work in a non-computing job during 
the day and Linux is a hobby but if we are going to 
transition to really making a go at it, I would like 
to know what the entry requirements might be. 


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