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I had the same issues with playing a DVD on SUSE Linux. First thing I had to do was install Mplayer then I also had to install a bunch of libraries that allowed it to play. apparently Linux doesn't come with the ability to play DVDs right out of the box because of some copyright issues. Check out www.linuxquestions.org and do a search about that there are a few walk through on how and where to find the libraries...


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I have just joined the sf-lug because I have a Linux laptop(previously with RH2.4, now with CentOS) that I don't yet know how to use.  I am still learning the Linux basics.  Anyway, when I insert a music CD the machine just plays it-no questions asked!  But when I insert a DVD the machine acts like it's hearing martian and won't play anything!!   I don't know how or what to tell it to just play the DVD.


So, can somebody please tell me how to get a Linux laptop machine to play a DVD?


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