[sf-lug] SIGNUP: colo tour 12/4

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Nov 28 17:29:41 PST 2006

    next to last chance to sign up to see the colo this
coming Monday night (6:30 PM 360 Spear between
Folsom and Harrison):
    i believe each of us has to have our names on a
list before Monday, i.e. before end-of-day Friday.
If you wanna go, respond. <---------------------------------------

Here's who's going so far, it seems:
me, jim stockford (I'll stop by javacat IF ANYONE ASKS or pickup)
Z Z, aka cristina--"The List" might need your last name, cristina)
catherine jones
ron (rondosxx--"The List" might need your last name, ron)
jason turner

Hey, John Strazzarino and Nathan EvilMonkey, you
guys going?

Hey Peter Mui, are your "monitoring" (groundworkopensource)
folks coming?

Anyone else interested?

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