[sf-lug] pengalert gizmo your custom blinks and beeps

jim stockford jim at well.com
Sun Nov 26 10:30:19 PST 2006


cheapbytes sends me sales mail, the latest of
which tells me of PengAlert, a penguin-shaped
USB device with ten LEDs, a piezo beeper, a
DB-9 connector withfour external ports for
device control (e.g. motors), a three-digit
seven-segment display, and a binary utility
(with source code) called usend that you
use in your shell scripts (BASH, Perl, etc.) to
make the gizmo do things:

# in your shell script
usend -c "LED1 ON"
usend -c "LED4 BLINK 2HZ"
usend -c "PIEZO ON 3"    # 3 KHz beep
# can giv visual or audio indication of
# email waiting, disk full, CPU busy,
# new user online, time to wake up or stop
# screwing around and go to work....

well, it's just the kind of technology i like:
tho't i'd share.
$54.95 from the mfr or from cheapbytes

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