[sf-lug] Notes and News re our last meeting -- Colo'ing our box

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Nov 7 14:02:55 PST 2006

Part 3: summary of the Sunday meeting (11/5)

    Paul offers a tour of the ServePath/ColoServe facility
sometime in the next couple of weeks. Who's interested?
    I suggest early evening Tuesday or Thursday. Other
suggestions as to when to go to Spear Street and see
the joint and talk with the techies?

    Maybe Paul can send us a textfile with IPtables rules
we can use for our box.

    Paul invites us to send him mail:
paul at funkychimp.net
but hey, he's on this list, too.

    Paul represented ServePath/ColoServe as moving
away from raw colocating ("it's a real estate play") to
providing managed services (providing customization
of the network equipment functionality around the
customers' hosts--firewalls, SANs, load balancing...).
    They were four people in a ratty office four years ago
and are over 50 in the USA and Germany now.

    Paul mentioned Web 2 and intimated that surely we
all know what that means.
    (Well, not really other than maybe "a better web, now
that we kind of know what we're doing and have shaken
out some of the BS artists". Does anyone actually know?)

    Paul recommends meetup.com as a gateway into a
lot of community activities (our focus being techy
communities rather than volleyball or poker...).

Other topic keywords that came up during the meeting
(I get dizzy sometimes and lose track, someone help
me out: )

>> newtech
>> meetings at cnet
>> istumbler demo recently
>> sfweb2.0meetup
>>> "utility serve" is ServePath's grid network timeshare
>>> a la three terra.com

>>>> meetup.com
>>>>  linksv.com
>>>> linkedin.com
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