[sf-lug] Windows and Linux OS to work together

Adrien Lamothe alamozzz at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 6 14:33:24 PST 2006

The problem is companies capitalizing on open source software, while contributing the minimum amount of resources possible. A group such as EFF can get involved with litigation on certain matters. OSDL is working to promote FOSS. But, there is as yet no group or individual providing overall strategic direction to the open source community. Maybe we need to summon Sauron out of retirement, so we can have a "single eye" (and brain.) Sauron is one of the few entities capable of dealing with the characters challenging FOSS.

- Adrien

Catherine Jones <cathjone at eskimo.com> wrote: Thanks, Rick, for the pointer to groklaw.net for information on the 
Microsoft-Novell pact.

Reading through Friday's discussion there


broought up a lot of questions for me about both Linux community 
strategy and individual FOSS developer choices (libraries, patents, 
licensing agreements, et cetera). How do we best defend open-source 
software against anti-competitive misuse of patents? These are very old 
(and, of course, potentially inflammatory) questions, but I think it 
might be useful to have a semi-planned discussion of them at one of the 
future sf-lug meetings.

I know that I (for one) need to bring myself up to date on some of the 
issues. Are there people in sf-lug with special knowledge to share in 
this area? Should some of us take on the task of reporting back on 
particular topics - e.g., versions of the GPL or the risks (real, 
perceived, or wildly speculative) of litigation against particular open 
source projects?

Well, just a thought....


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