[sf-lug] about /usr/local and package management

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Oct 18 18:05:20 PDT 2006

Remark at bottom is deliberately provocative. Note,
i've got the most recent knoppix and mepis CDs.

On Oct 18, 2006, at 3:46 PM, Rick Moen wrote:
> Since many people don't have a trustworthy machine available for this
> purpose, something like a Knoppix live CD is absolutely ideal, in
> overcoming that disadvantage.  I.e., just borrow a workstation, boot it
> into Knoppix for just long enough to conduct security probing of the
> other machine(s) using nmap, and then reboot to the regular OS and take
> out your Knoppix disk....

...knoppix or mepis, but not Ubuntu. I'm starting to hate
Ubuntu as a rescue CD.

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