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jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Sep 19 09:23:02 PDT 2006

    that's kind of the topic we were talking about at last night's
meeting, yes? but your idea of getting a part-time job is
    most internships are no- or low-paid and ask 9-5 weekday
    there are night shifts at some data centers, and those are
fairly unpopular, so getting a second job working nights will
put a bad crimp in your sleep and other life events, but might
be a way to go. What San Francisco businesses have linux
night shifts? some banks and other companies with big data
    there are recruiters and consultant groups that may welcome
someone willing to work nights or weekends.
    There's Craigslist--many of the job postings are for one-shot,
flexible time, ridiculously low pay, sometimes total jerkoff
worthless assignments, but some will help build a resume.
    There's volunteer work. Why, the sf-lug is always looking for
volunteers to improve things such as the Red Hat Certification
study group web site. Participation on most LUG sites and
projects helps build a bona fide resume.

    Generally the required skill level is fairly high. Learning BASH
CLI and shell scripting is sina  qua non (gotta have that).
Understanding system resources is essential. Understanding
some programming languages is a big plus.
    One thing anyone can do part-time is study.
    Another thing is to attend user group and industry-oriented
meetings so's to hobnob and get exposed to the rumor mill.

On Sep 19, 2006, at 8:59 AM, Tony wrote:

> Hi Jim and Everyone:
> OK, I will open up a topic. For many of us, we have
> jobs and if you want to break into linux computing,
> maybe there is a way to get a part time job e.g. 1 or
> 2 nights a week. And build experience over time before
> we springboard into a real job in Linux computing that
> actually allows you to pay all your bills. Any ideas
> on how to do this?
> Tony
> --- jim stockford <jim at well.com> wrote:
>>     Anyone interested in going to SF-state to
>> Sameer's
>> class, let me know if you want a ride to. I'll be
>> happy
>> to provide rides back.
>>     As to the topic, I don't see VoIP as having much
>> to
>> offer--I have it and use it. Got it from SpeakEasy,
>> paid
>> money, they sent a box. I plugged the VoIP box into
>> the DSL box, plugged the phone into the VoIP box,
>> and voila--i can call France for $0.08 per minute,
>> long as I make the monthly (about $30) payments.
>>     I.e. VoIP seems not to present user issues of
>> much
>> interest. There's no Linux component per se. I'd
>> love
>> to hear different.
>>     Can we also include other topics? Maybe how come
>> you use linux? which community efforts appeal? Do
>> you value open source? what are your favorite
>> programs? what's the job market for linux, for open
>> source.... which linux distro(s) do you prefer?
>> On Sep 19, 2006, at 12:29 AM, Sameer Verma wrote:
>>> Sameer Verma wrote:
>>>> Dear LUG'ers
>>>> With kind permission from Jim Stockford, I'd like
>> to invite you all to
>>>> hold a LUG meeting on our campus on the 19th of
>> September at 7 pm.
>>>> This
>>>> coincides with my class "Managing Open Source",
>> so I already have
>>>> access
>>>> to a room with computer(s) and a projector. If
>> the lab is ready by
>>>> then
>>>> we can meet in the lab (20 Dells with Ubuntu
>> Dapper Drake).
>>>> The topic I have for September 19 on my schedule
>> is "The people of
>>>> open
>>>> source", so a LUG visiting the class would be
>> perfect! I can do a
>>>> short
>>>> lecture followed up by presentation(s) by others.
>>>> Suggestions?
>>>> Sameer
>>> Dear LUG'ers,
>>> We have to cancel tomorrow's meeting at SF State
>> due to some scheduling
>>> problems. I am in the process of working with Jim
>> Stockford for an
>>> alternative date and a topic.
>>> Stay tuned.
>>> sameer
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