[sf-lug] invitation for the next SF-LUG meeting

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Sep 19 07:25:07 PDT 2006

    Anyone interested in going to SF-state to Sameer's
class, let me know if you want a ride to. I'll be happy
to provide rides back.
    As to the topic, I don't see VoIP as having much to
offer--I have it and use it. Got it from SpeakEasy, paid
money, they sent a box. I plugged the VoIP box into
the DSL box, plugged the phone into the VoIP box,
and voila--i can call France for $0.08 per minute,
long as I make the monthly (about $30) payments.
    I.e. VoIP seems not to present user issues of much
interest. There's no Linux component per se. I'd love
to hear different.
    Can we also include other topics? Maybe how come
you use linux? which community efforts appeal? Do
you value open source? what are your favorite
programs? what's the job market for linux, for open
source.... which linux distro(s) do you prefer?

On Sep 19, 2006, at 12:29 AM, Sameer Verma wrote:

> Sameer Verma wrote:
>> Dear LUG'ers
>> With kind permission from Jim Stockford, I'd like to invite you all to
>> hold a LUG meeting on our campus on the 19th of September at 7 pm. 
>> This
>> coincides with my class "Managing Open Source", so I already have 
>> access
>> to a room with computer(s) and a projector. If the lab is ready by 
>> then
>> we can meet in the lab (20 Dells with Ubuntu Dapper Drake).
>> The topic I have for September 19 on my schedule is "The people of 
>> open
>> source", so a LUG visiting the class would be perfect! I can do a 
>> short
>> lecture followed up by presentation(s) by others.
>> Suggestions?
>> Sameer
> Dear LUG'ers,
> We have to cancel tomorrow's meeting at SF State due to some scheduling
> problems. I am in the process of working with Jim Stockford for an
> alternative date and a topic.
> Stay tuned.
> sameer
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