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Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Wed Aug 30 01:09:47 PDT 2006

jim stockford wrote:
> Requesting your response regarding SF-LUG at SF-State University
>  From the honcho at SFSU:
Who would that be?
> ---------------------------
> I'm liking the idea of one meeting's jelly bean topic being a teaser to 
> the next
> meeting's primary topic. It seems like we could get more repeat people 
> that way.
> Why don't we try the QA session to begin with and introduce multiple 
> OSes or
> something of the like.  When would you like to start so I can start 
> booking the
> rooms
> I'd also love to have someone speak about a topic of choice.
> However, I think the first meeting should be general "What is Linux?" 
> questions
> and uses in mainstream. It'd especially be great if we can do this 
> sometime
> after Software Freedom day and have a little tutorial on how to use the 
> stuff on
> the disk.  This way, we can pitch it to the people we give the disks to.
> ---------------------------
> ahem...and what's the story on the disks? Who among us
> is honchoing Software Freedom day giveaway disks?
SF State will be hosting a table on campus for Software Freedom
Day...details will be out in a few days.


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