[sf-lug] sf-lug at sf-state

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Aug 29 18:31:18 PDT 2006

Quoting jim stockford (jim at well.com):

> From the honcho at SFSU:
> However, I think the first meeting should be general "What is Linux?"
> questions and uses in mainstream. 

How very 1997.  ;->

> We've suggested the second Thursday of each month. What say?

FWIW, this conflicts with BayPIGgies (http://baypiggies.net/),
CocoaHeads, Silicon Valley Chapter 
(http://cocoaheads.org/us/SiliconValleyCalifornia/), and the last two 
months' meetings each year of Peninsula Linux Users' Group

As those are all in San Bruno and points south, you may not care.

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