[sf-lug] sf-lug at sf-state

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Aug 29 15:39:03 PDT 2006

Requesting your response regarding SF-LUG at SF-State University

 From the honcho at SFSU:
I'm liking the idea of one meeting's jelly bean topic being a teaser to 
the next
meeting's primary topic. It seems like we could get more repeat people 
that way.

Why don't we try the QA session to begin with and introduce multiple 
OSes or
something of the like.  When would you like to start so I can start 
booking the

I'd also love to have someone speak about a topic of choice.

However, I think the first meeting should be general "What is Linux?" 
and uses in mainstream. It'd especially be great if we can do this 
after Software Freedom day and have a little tutorial on how to use the 
stuff on
the disk.  This way, we can pitch it to the people we give the disks to.

ahem...and what's the story on the disks? Who among us
is honchoing Software Freedom day giveaway disks?

Anybody got opinions as to a QnA session re "What is Linux"?

We've suggested the second Thursday of each month. What say?

Other thoughts?

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