[sf-lug] the build-a-machine project

jim stockford jim at well.com
Fri Aug 25 18:27:16 PDT 2006

    hey, i missed you, too. family's the most
important thing in my book.
    Nathan wants to come too, so let's do the
build-a-box after 9/5.
    it's about the most basic build-a-box one
can get: here's the power supply, here's the
case, here's the screw driver, put 'em in.

On Aug 25, 2006, at 3:44 PM, ron wrote:

> Jim,
> First let me say I'm sorry I missed the monday night
> meeting due to family emergency. I will also miss the
> next sunday meeting due to family issues, my father,
> who is 99 8/12 years old, is needing a visit, so I
> will be in seattle over labor day weekend.
> Building a computer: how basic are we getting? buying
> components and putting them together?  If so, two
> hours should just about do it. I'd like to do that
> again, but I tend to overcommit. At some point I want
> to create disks for Free Software Day, plus I'm in
> three 3 unit college classes plus work for money. And
> I'm trying to study for  the RH project. So I guess
> I've convinced myself that I could spare two hours
> this sunday (only). It would need to be either early
> (8 or 9 am or 6 in the evening). I have an exam on
> monday.
> ron
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