[sf-lug] the build-a-machine project

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Aug 24 17:46:44 PDT 2006

    Someone at the last meeting came up with the
prospect of building a computer. others chimed
in with offers to help or otherwise participate.
    The subsequent discussion included fears of
spending money, breaking things, trodding
unknown paths, the need for groundstraps, and
so on.

    I went to ActNet (whom I love and adore) and
bought a box of parts. Now many of the concerns
are addressed--the money is spent, it's not your
stuff so who cares if we break it....
    There are issues remaining: such as actually
getting off butts and going to some place where
the box of parts is, putting up with the other
people who may appear and have opinions
(and maybe break things before we have a

    Who's up for it? Wanna build a computer for
the fun of it, or for the education?

lemme know,

ps: By default it will remain my computer, though
anyone is welcome to buy it for parts cost.

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