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If you want one of them now, you'll likely have to register with Trolltech as a development partner, and you'll likely have to proove that you are a "major" developer (such as Nokia, Sony, etc.). They probably only have only a small quantity of them available at this point. September isn't very long to wait.

Trolltech is adopting a very interesting strategy. By producing an actual phone based on their Linux and development environments, that is likely inexpensive to produce, Trolltech puts some heat on the established players (Nokia, Sony/Ericsson, Motorola) to use their kit or risk having Trolltech run away with part of the market. Very cool. Basically, "Use my development kit or I will produce and sell the phones myself".  If one of the established phone makers does use the new kit, Trolltech can still sell the phones to lesser-known companies, without significantly hurting the big guys (most consumers stick with the "name" brand.) So, everyone wins.

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Okay, if anyone has any connections to Trolltech or knows anyone who
does I am interested in this phone. A lot! Touchscreen LCD, camera, WiFi
with SIP, bluetooth, and a mini-USB port. It is everything I want in a
phone and it runs Linux!

I am not sure by the article it is available to developers. I wonder if
hobbyists are included in that? They say they want to get it in the
hands of OS developers which is the kinda thing I like to hear.
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