[sf-lug] Sunday morning at JavaCat and Software Freedom Day media

ron rondosxx at yahoo.com
Sat Aug 5 14:46:09 PDT 2006

I'm installing CentOS server on a P3 tower computer. I
know I said I was going to do this ten days ago, BUT
when I turned my then available computer on, the power
supply shorted out and a replacement power supply did
not correct whatever the problem was. So I took the
new power supply back to Compusa, declared the
computer garbage and found a P3 on CL for twenty five
dollars. I had to supply a hard drive, and I do have a
few lying around. I'm reading a few Linux books,
messing around with a few command line exercises
because I'm out of practice, and truthfully never was
very proficient.

Since I won't be at JavaCat tomorrow, I'd like to say
something about the upcoming Software Freedom Day
work. I haven't started to make disks yet, but I'm
thinking the disks we hand out should look as
professional as possible. So I'm wondering about
printing labels with Ubuntu clearly written in bold
letters, and a brief statement about how to use the
disk, how it can be run without impacting the user's
current system, and the name and contact information
for SFLUG. Does this seem right to you-all? Is there
anything else that should be included?

I'll be thinking of all of you while sipping wine at
Diamond Creek Vineyard...

My server installation has hung after outputting just
seven lines of text. The seventh line would be the one
beginning [Linux-initrd @ ...] I'll be bringing this
puppy to Rick's house next saturday night.


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