[sf-lug] [fwd] (Job) Web Development Engineer, Menlo Park

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Mon Jul 24 14:40:15 PDT 2006

Web Development Engineer
Menlo Park, CA

  (From: http://www.limelife.com/job.php?job=Web_Dev_Engineer )

  We are seeking an engineering candidate who is experienced in a range
  of web and WAP development activities.  You'll leverage your experience
  to create and manage a large number of web and WAP sites for LimeLife
  and its partners and clients.

This position will:

  * Be a key member of a development team responsible for design,
    implementation and maintenance of web and WAP sites for LimeLife and
    its clients.  These sites will include download and e-commerce
    capabilities, among other technologies.

  * Work closely with the product development and marketing teams to
    implement front-end designs for web and WAP sites that meet the needs
    of the targeted users.

  * Require an engineer who understands the technical abilities and
    limitations of the web and WAP worlds and is able to consult during
    initial stages of development with other members of the LimeLife team.

  * Have the opportunity to learn new web and WAP technologies.

  * Be able to make a significant difference to a growing company in
    the mobile game and lifestyle applications space.


  * 4 or more years in development of commercial websites and WAP
    sites using up-to-date technologies, including templating engines such
    as Smarty and/or XTemplate, and CMS systems.

  * Significant experience with Apache, Tomcat, Perl, PHP, Java,
    Python and MySQL in a Linux environment.

  * Significant experience with use and implementation of automation
    tools for development and testing of web and WAP sites.

  * Must be comfortable building HTML and WML code from scratch.

  * A demonstrated ability to follow design templates provided by
    internal and external design groups closely.

  * The ideal candidate will understand HTML and WML trouble-shooting
    and anticipate potential difficulties, working to resolve them when
    they arise.

  * Any candidate must be a self-starter, and capable of making
    successful projects out of ambiguous and fluid descriptions.

  * Experience with open-source tools and systems is a plus. 

About LimeLife:

  LimeLife Inc. is the only global publisher of mobile game and content
  downloads focused exclusively on the women's market.
  Located in Menlo Park LimeLife is made up of a growing community of
  entertainment software vets with a common love of gadgets and way too busy
  lifestyles.  LimeLife was founded with one common belief: technology
  should make our lives both more fun and easier!  While we appreciate
  technology, we believe it's got to be fun and useful, should entertain
  us and make us laugh, connect us with our friends in lots of different
  ways, and help us manage our time, plan and organize all those balls
  in the air.

  Interested in being a part of an innovative technology team where you
  are encouraged to bring ideas to the table?  Do you want to be
  challenged in a position that allows for learning and growth?
  If so, you may be a fit for LimeLife!

To Apply:
  Please submit a Word, PDF or HTML version of your resume to:
  jobs at limelife.com

ObDisclaimer: I work for LimeLife as a J2ME/BREW developer, and I've helped
a little with some webdev stuff recently, since I did that kind of thing
in a prior life. ;)


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