[sf-lug] nokia 770

ron rondosxx at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 24 14:13:39 PDT 2006

to the list and to Sameer:

you demonstrated the nokia 770 at the last meeting at
JavaCat cafe. Your enthusiasm was palpable, and I'm
wondering if you could add more information. I think I
understood that it's a voip phone by satellite
connection (rather than cell), and allows access to
the web and email and music; and possibly more. Since
my cell phone is dying and they're going to try to
sell me a 250+ dollar phone with a two year contract
that's going to cost me ~$60 per month, I wonder if
you could tell us/me what your connection costs are
per month. I know the phone minutes are pretty cheap
(hundredths of a cent per minute?). I do like the idea
of getting service off a satellite, since I hate to be
depending on a cell phone when I'm wandering around on
back roads or on hiking trails. Are other services per
month, or per minute in addition to a monthly charge?
Are you on a contract? I looked at the nokia site
briefly, but didn't find more information. thanks. ron

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