[sf-lug] Linux Install-fest

ron rondosxx at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 23 13:13:29 PDT 2006

I went with my spare laptop again last night; Rick
gave me a set of disks for Centos, which I installed
twice last night and twice again this morning. I took
a wireless PCMCIA network card to the installfest, but
ended up lending it to another installation at a
nearby table. This morning I used my ethernet card,
and am now writing this email from this morning's
Centos installation. Centos figured out everything
when I had the network card and cable connected during
the OS installation.

This afternoon I'm going to install a simple Centos
installation on an old tower machine that I have, and
create a user as per the first exercise in the RHCT
tutorial we are following. I'll probably be
downloading an iso on the laptop while that is

My thanks to Rick and Deirdre for their hospitality
and his willingness to share his time and expertise.

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