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Fri Jul 14 12:20:47 PDT 2006

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I agree that we are enabling a bad habit buy giving into proprietary
OSes. However, to continue the analogy further we are giving them free
hits of another drug. "Wow, Firefox is great, who knew FLOSS software
was so awesome. Look at all this other great stuff that you can do on
Linux. Oh man, I wish I could use amaroK to manage my music collection
on Windows. I am going to have to install Linux now."

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting John Lowry (johnlowry at gmail.com):
>> Any suggestions for software out there that has builds for Windows and
>> Mac? I was also thinking of having either Knoppix CDs, Ubuntu CDs, or
>> both.
> Here's the gotcha about showing up and urging CDs on people who aren't
> expecting them:  Most people, most of the time, are culturally
> conditioned to value new things at acquisition cost -- leading to a clash
> with the free software / open source community, which mostly values
> new things at usage value.  I talk about this recurring problem, here:
> http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/User-Group-HOWTO-4.html#ss4.2
> Anyhow, Macs make great Linux boxes -- as do many MS-Windows machines.
> I'd therefore suggest, _indeed_, Ubuntu or Kubuntu v. 6.06 "Desktop CD"
> discs (which are live CDs with an installation option) and Knoppix.
> As to handing out free-software CDs for MS-Windows or MacOS, they exist,
> but I personally wouldn't do a Johnny Appleseed gig with _those_, as
> that's just being an enabler.
> http://zgp.org/~dmarti/linuxmanship/#enabler
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