[sf-lug] Looking for a Senior MySQL administrator in San Francisco

Todd Huss thuss at greatschools.net
Tue Jul 11 08:54:49 PDT 2006

Hi Adrien,

I think you may be reading too much into the post.

1. We're not looking for a web programmer or someone to do any  
programming for that matter, however, I like to see a little  
programming experience (even if it was just for fun).
2. This is not a 1 person role, this person would be a member of the  
sysadmin team.
3. Driving projects to completion is not just for project managers.
4. We're not cutting costs, we pay very well, are fully staffed, and  
very rarely work more than 40 hours a week. Some of our employees  
work a 4 day reduced week at 32 hours so they can have more free-time  
or time with their families.


On Jul 10, 2006, at 8:27 PM, Adrien Lamothe wrote:

> Sorry pal, but database administrators don't develop websites.  
> Also, they aren't required to "drive projects to completion". There  
> is a name for people who "drive projects to completion", they are  
> called a "project manager", or in some cases "technical lead" or  
> "technical manager". If your company is actually getting one  
> million hits per day, then that should translate into enough  
> revenue to staff the positions, rather than try to hire one person  
> to perform the work of three. Now, it is arguable that the database  
> administration would only perform occasional database  
> modifications, create new users, and miscellaneous other small  
> tasks, which would give that person enough time to also perform as  
> a software engineer. However, in practice your company will be much  
> better off using a database administrator the proper way, which is  
> to spend his/her time constantly monitoring the health of the  
> database servers (in your case 20 of them), especially their  
> security; it is also good to have your database administrator keep  
> constantly abreast of breaking security issues and database  
> upgrades. Not using a database administrator in this manner is  
> inviting trouble, especially in a heavily-trafficked environment.  
> Unfortunately, all too many companies, including large, highly  
> profitable corporations, are trying to squeeze two and three  
> positions into one; they think they are being efficient, when in  
> actuallity they are only setting themselves up for disaster.
> I wish your company good luck in its "race to the bottom". (For  
> those who haven't heard the phrase, "race to the bottom" refers to  
> the current cost-cutting fad, especially as it applies to U.S.  
> companies moving their operations overseas to countries with rock- 
> bottom labor costs).
> Todd Huss <thuss at greatschools.net> wrote:
> I hope it's OK to post job messages to this list. I'm currently
> looking for a full-time Senior MySQL Systems Administrator at
> GreatSchools.net (where I work) in San Francisco.
> Position summary:
> The Senior Systems Administrator will be responsible for managing our
> production website that currently delivers over 1 million page views
> per day running on 20 servers with MySQL, Apache, and Tomcat.
> Required skills:
> o Expertise in MySQL administration, replication, backup, recovery,
> and optimization techniques.
> o Expertise in Linux and FreeBSD systems administration
> o Server load balancing experience.
> o Prior experience developing website software using Apache, Perl/PHP
> or Java, Linux or FreeBSD, and MySQL.
> o Share 50% on-call responsbility and carry a pager
> o Live within a 25 minute commute of downtown San Francisco to
> respond quickly to production issues at the data-center when on-call.
> Other requirements:
> o Strong communication skills.
> o Self starter.
> o Ability to work with minimal supervision and drive projects to
> completion.
> Submit salary requirements, cover letter, and resume to jobs-
> sysadmin at greatschools.net
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