[sf-lug] installfest Sat. @ Rick Moen's in Menlo Park

ron rondosxx at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 10 06:14:01 PDT 2006

hi rick,

noooo, I wasn't disappointed at all about my progress
at the installfest. I was disappointed that my old
laptop is so slow, since Jeff told me my two hour
installation is supposed to take twenty minutes.... if
you have a 1700MHz machine and a gazillion MBs of
memory. I ended up with an installation of something,
even if it was a beta that needs more development. I
want to thank you for the gift of your time in
assisting me. I do realize the importance of many
installations, so am totally not disappointed!
Unfortunately I probably won't be down your way until
the next installfest, so maybe you should take the
disks back inside. The laptop part that I found on the
ground at your place and turned in to you, turned out
to be the latch from my machine. Fortunately I
realized it was flopping when I got to the car. It
took me a few minutes the next day to figure out how
it mated with the case, and now it's restored to its
original condition.


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