[sf-lug] (Tech) Developers responsibility...Saga continues

jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Jun 22 07:01:05 PDT 2006

testing should be formalized as part of the deal.
the developer should do testing, always, but that's
not the testing that should be framed in the deal:
QA is the short-word, and the tester(s) should
definitely NOT be the developer. Note that testing
is sometimes up to half the job (counting fixing
and re-testing, regression testing, etc.). In your
shoes I'd push back on the management and
insist on a testing phase.

On Jun 21, 2006, at 9:53 PM, vincent polite wrote:

> As I wrote earlier, I've been helping this guy out with his website. 
> I'd never done q&a on a whole site. Just the page I was working on. 
> While trying to figure something out, I noticed that the space to 
> enter the credit card number was to small. Max characters was set at 
> 14. Most credit cards are 16. The project was supposedly signed off 
> on. But, if the site would not work right to begin with, wouldn't that 
> invalidate the "signing off"? Shouldn't the developer do all the 
> testing and not the client hire someone. As I say, I don't know all 
> that has transpired on this project. Still trying to figure these 
> things out. Thanks
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