[sf-lug] busy day at the javacat

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue May 16 21:08:52 PDT 2006

gee we got an email burst today, huh?

    and here's another topic: I talked with gloria at
Javacat about putting a linux box there. She says
"it's a go" in principle.
    The box'll be headless, she doesn't want it rearing
its ugly head and scaring the customers.
    So it'll be a RHEL 4 distro, either CentOS 4 or
WhiteBox 4, with static IP in the >200 range in
runlevel 3. I suppose we could run it in runlevel 5
and ssh in to watch processes and inspect config
files and such.
    We could put a web stie on it for laughs.
    Mainly it'd be there for our budding RHCT/E
study group.
    That and laying in wait until the Other OS bombs
or enough people come in wanting to use Linux.
Or maybe people'd just stick Ubuntu live CDs in
the Other OS boxes they find in cafes about town.

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