[sf-lug] A news site

David Sterry david at sterryit.com
Thu Apr 27 21:12:56 PDT 2006

Hey Everybody,

I created a news site that'll hopefully do what digg and slashdot did 
but for non-techie news. It's at http://www.commentsovernews.com

I created it by modifying Wordpress, and update the stories using my 
home FC3 box to run an rss feedreading perl script that puts the stories 
in the Wordpress mysql db. I had fun making a rating system for the 
comments and I sum up the quality of people's comments to give them a 
running points score. Right now there are all of 6 users so it sure 
could use some testing if anyone's up for it.

It's been quite a learning experience digging into Wordpress but I 
highly recommend that package if you want to put together a nice looking 
blog or site without much hassle.


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