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> Subject: O'Reilly Introduces "Running Boot Camp"
> Hello--
> We just released the following news. Please pass it along
> if you think it might be of interest. We do have some
> review copies available for UG Leaders.
> --Marsee
> "Running Boot Camp" The First Step-by-Step Install Guide
> In the Mac world, the once unthinkable, is about to become
> commonplace--owning an Intel-powered Mac running Windows. When Apple
> first announced the news about a switch to Intel processors, there were
> gasps of wonder and some derisive groaning, shortly followed by
> eye-popping amazement at the possibility of running Windows XP and Mac
> OS X Tiger on a Mac. Once the idea of owning a powerhouse Mactel
> fermented, the demand for "when and how" boiled over. On April 4, Apple
> met the challenge and responded with Boot Camp--a beta utility that
> helps users configure their Intel Macs so they can install and run
> Windows XP and Mac OS X on the same machine.
> While the install of Boot Camp is relatively painless, there are
> pitfalls users need to avoid. "Running Boot Camp" (Toporek, O'Reilly,
> $7.99) is an easy-to-follow guide that steps the user through the
> install and configuration process.
> "Many PC users want to use a Mac but would hate to lose the investment
> in PC software they've made over the years," says Chuck Toporek,
> best-selling author and senior editor with O'Reilly Media. "With Boot
> Camp and an Intel Mac, users can have the best of both worlds."
> The "Running Boot Camp" PDF download walks users through each install
> step including:
> -What You'll Need
> - Updating the Firmware
> - Running Boot Camp
> - Partitioning the Hard Drive
> - Installing Windows XP
> - Installing the Macintosh Drivers
> - Troubleshooting Boot Camp's Obstacles
> - Switching Between Mac OS X and Windows XP
> For more information about the download, including table of contents,
> and author bio, see:
> http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/bootcamp/
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> O'Reilly
> 1005 Gravenstein Highway North
> Sebastopol, CA   95472
> http://ug.oreilly.com/  http://www.oreilly.com
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