[sf-lug] RedHat certification study group

jim stockford jim at well.com
Wed Apr 5 08:28:41 PDT 2006

    At least three of us are interested in starting
up a study group for RedHat Enterprise Linux
(RHEL) certification.
    To get certified requires passing the test for
RedHat Certified Technician/Engineer (RHCT
or RHCE).
    The test is a three-hour sit-at-the-box and
do things marathon--no notes, no internet,
just the online docs, costs $350 or so to take
the RHCT test, $750 to take the RHTE test.
    For descriptions see
    There are lots of books and online resources,
as well as various lists of the test tasks given.
    Michael proposes once-a-week get-togethers
over a machine. I propose using email (not
this list) for mutual support during the week.
We can meet at my house (has multiple
machines, networked, okay to screw up and
rebuild, but I'm out at ocean beach.

    Whoever is interested, please respond (to
this list for now), and if you know of a place
we can use to get together--somewhere
more centrally located in SF, let us know.


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