[sf-lug] Linux Kitchen?

David Reber morpheus2485 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 16:41:06 PST 2006

For several months now I've been kicking around the following idea in my
head without ever getting the guts to go ahead with it:

We all know that there's tons of computers being thrown in the garbage every
day.  They're not the latest and greatest affairs, but they'll still do
everything they did the day they were sold for $1000 or more. (In fact,
they'll do more with your favorite distribution of linux installed).

Also, there is, I assume, a fair number of lower income kids and teens  who
would be more than happy to get their hands on a functional older moddle

So my idea is to bring the two togeather:  have a space, and one or more
linux veterans to man the place at least one day a week.  The final
ingreediants are the donated computers (which i'm not particularly worried
about), invite the locals, and "wasta": linux learning goodness.  I envision
it as being a place where people can learn about linux and get help with
whatever project/problem they're experiencing.  Sort of a slightly expanded
install fest.

The biggest problem that this project has in terms of getting off the ground
is space and leadership.  I can provide a good amount of leadership, but I
have nill resources in terms of space.

can you help?
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