[sf-lug] Python and Ruby

Lx Rudis lx_rudis at sbcglobal.net
Wed Mar 22 10:14:15 PST 2006

Fearless Leader wrote:
>  I tried to get
> her drunk, but i ended up drinking most
> of the wine.

>     same offer to dierdre (and rick, if he
> comes too).

now let me get this straight, jim.  you're proposing

wait, no, let's just pass on it.  i must've read the
wrong thing into your post.  

but just in case:

dierdre and rick - we're really nice people out here
in the wilds of northwest san francisco.  we walk
upright, wear clean clothes when we can find them ,
eat with forks and everything.  

sure, we're a bit more rough-hewn than your typical
South Bay computer enthusiast, but once you get past
the coarse exterior, you get to see our...err.  umn. 
well, let me move right along here.  nevermind.  carry
on, jim.  sorry for the interruption...



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