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jim stockford jim at well.com
Thu Feb 16 08:57:49 PST 2006

On Feb 15, 2006, at 2:42 PM, Aaron Baalbergen wrote:

> Hello,
>  I found the SF LUG website while looking for places to post a job 
> opportunity for someone experienced with Linux.  Would it be 
> appropriate to send the opportunity out over the mailing list?
>  I am including the posting below.  If the mailing list would be an 
> appropriate posting location, please either send it out to your 
> members or let me know so that I can join and send it out.  Thank you.
>  Aaron
>  ****
>  Monster Cable is building a revolutionary new set top box that 
> incorporates a media server/player, PVR, and whole-house automation.  
> The product has already been developed; all the back-end coding is 
> done.  We have partnerships and distribution in place.  Now we need to 
> assemble a top-notch team to work on the user interface and usability, 
> the design and sound, and also quality assurance and focus groups, 
> working out of our offices near SFO airport.  We are very committed to 
> this product and want to get the best team possible so that users bond 
> with our product like they do with iPod or TiVo.
>  Because we want to get our first version out the door in 8 months, 
> our team will initially be working a lot with outside consultants and 
> contractors.  After the first version is out we will likely want to do 
> more of the work in-house, relying less on outside consultants.
>  We need a linux guru with expertise in embedded systems.  The 
> hardware platform is an embedded Linux set top box, much like a TiVo.  
> We have a strong team of C++ developers already in another office.  
> What we need in this office is someone who can work with the hardware 
> engineers to resolve any software/driver issues and do 
> troubleshooting.
>  We are looking for ambitious, senior-level team players.  We will 
> provide good compensation and benefits.  Both working as an employee 
> as well as a freelancer are options, although employees are 
> preferred.  And, since this is a totally new division for Monster, 
> it’s a chance to get in on the ground floor and have a real impact, 
> while at the same time have the comfort of working with a 
> well-established, highly profitable, 28-year old company.
>  Please contact Aaron Baalbergen at abaalbergen at monstercable.com if 
> you are interested.  Emails should include "Job Opportunities" in the 
> subject line.
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