[dvlug] Introducing Myself...

Timothy Gelter timothy.gelter at gmail.com
Sat Mar 16 12:11:34 PDT 2013

Hello list members!

I recently moved to Concord and look forward to participating in your LUG.

I've been a Linux user for about 10 years and I'm employed as a Linux
SysAdmin with Adobe Systems, based in SF.
At Adobe, my team manages about 20,000 HP/Dell servers which run CentOS.
Prior to joining Adobe, I worked for a small (but awesome) Linux training
company called Guru Labs in Utah.

I'm a family-oriented guy, active in the LDS (Mormon) church, and love
technology (duh), I'm particularly fond of CentOS, Ubuntu, Archlinux and
Android (Cyanogenmod/AOKP). I love the outdoors, and most of my outdoor
hours have been spent snowboarding, camping, and dirt biking.

I look forward to hearing more about the group.

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