[dvlug] No meeting Fri, July 20 at Caffe La Scala

Grant Bowman grantbow at dvlug.org
Thu Jul 19 23:53:06 PDT 2012

We have a new schedule, the second and fourth Friday of each month. Mark
your calendars for the next meeting at 7PM on Fri, July 27.

Please join us on the second and fourth Fridays from 7PM at Caffe La
Scala, 1655 N Main St in Walnut Creek regardless of reminder emails.
Details with map links are always available. http://dvlug.org If you
can't make the meeting feel free to ask questions on this email list.
Apparently kind spirited suggestions welcome.


I've made a few changes to the website. A patch type description (- are
removed lines, + are added lines) is attached here. This is a summary of
the more important changes. While these are not all the changes I made
these highlight some subtle wording and focus changes for our group to more
accurately describe our group as focusing on more than just Linux.


@@ -57,9 +59,20 @@
- <p> [...] to advocate and spread Linux, do LUG events in the Diablo
Valley area, and have fun while we're at it. <a href="
your computer!</a></p>
+ <p> [...] to advocate and spread open source software, do LUG events in
the <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Diablo">Diablo</a> Valley
area, and have fun while we're at it. We always discuss related news and
provide best effort "drop-in" support.</p>
+ <p><strong>Our purpose</strong> is to welcome, introduce and support
people who use and release open source software.</p>
+ <div class="podcast">
+ <h2>Podcast</h2>
+ <ul>
+ <li><a href="
Questions About Open Source</a></li>
+ </ul>
+ </div>

@@ -75,7 +88,7 @@
- [...a long paragraph describing what Linux is ...]</p>
+ [...a long paragraph describing what Linux is ...] Freedom to do what you
want with your computer, including understanding and modifying all of the
software parts has been important for decades. There are some parallels
with the <a href="
demonstrations.</a> </p>

@@ -181,18  @@
- <li>May 15th, 2009: First weekly informal meeting at Caffe La Scala</li>
- <li>Continued weekly meetings at Caffe La Scala ever since</li>
+ <li>May 15th, 2009: First weekly informal meeting at Caffe La Scala.</li>
+ <li>Continued weekly meetings at Caffe La Scala.</li>
+ <li>June 15th, 2012: Exploring new focus areas, infrastructure upgrades
and moved to twice monthly schedule.</li>
+ <li>July, 2012: Released <a href="
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