[dvlug] Need for Technical Assistance - Errorproblem? connecting MYSQL to HTTP

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Mon Jan 4 11:19:41 PST 2010

Quoting harry strout (harry-strout at comcast.net):

> Thank you for your efforts.
> I tried local host and that did not work.

See, this is an example of what I mean, when I said that people
inadvertently give their interpretations rather than the relevant raw
data.  I am left wondering what "I tried localhost [note:  not "local
host"] and that did not work" means.

Please don't send a bunch more screenshots.  Please just copy and paste
ASCII from what you're attempting.

For example, when I use a Web browser to load the Adminer PHP page on my
Web server (which happens to also run MySQL), I get a login screen whose
form I fill in as follows:

  Language:  [English]

  Adminer 2.2.1               Login

                           Server: localhost
                           Username: root
                           Password: ********

               { login }

(That's an ASCII rendition of the Web page's appearance.)

Hitting the "login" button takes one to Adminer's "Select database"
display if successful.  If it's not successful, then presumably you'll
see some diagnostic message.

I urge you to try to do the analogous operation on your machine.  You've
actually illustrated why it's so _very_ important to cite what you did
absolutely verbatim rather than giving interpretations:  Since you say
"I tried local host" but don't say what _specifically you did_ (and
since what you were requested to use as the target hostname wasn't
"local host" but "localhost"), I have good reason to doubt whether you
actually implemented my suggestions.

Please try my suggestions and then report back _specifically_ what you
did and what resulted, in chronlogical order, please.  And please,
without the screenshots.

> Personally, I think that it's the error from SELinux that is killing
> me.
> How do I solve that one?

I fear that you may be about to try to solve the wrong problem.
However, as I said, the error message in one of the selinux-alerts 
files you posted yesterday goes on to suggest a way to modify the policy
to allow port 3306 access to/from the specified "compconsupp.com"
hostnames -- which, I say again, is _not_ the right way.

> Is there of any way of you, or someone else, logging into my machine
> remotely so as to see, in detail, what the problem is? 

I hope this doesn't sound flippant:  Yes, it's called you posting
relevant diagnostic data.

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