[dvlug] LDAP Admin on Ubuntu

Michael Paric mparic at compbizsolutions.com
Sun Sep 20 14:34:12 PDT 2009

Grant mentioned using LDAP at the CAS school; what admin interface are  
you using? Does it do NT-style Domain Control operations too? I  
couldn't find a really good LDAP interface for Ubuntu that would do  
Linux and Windows authentications which is why I used CentOS in my  
thin client networks. First I used the Webmin module (http://www.fsa-blast.org/Webmin/LDAPUsersAndGroups 
) but found it buggy. Configured GOsa which does much more than LDAP  
but configured Linux and Windows authentication in one interface so  
students and teachers would have the same roaming profile whether they  
logged into a Windows workstation or a Linux thin client (https://oss.gonicus.de/labs/gosa/ 
). Anybody use something else?

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