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Sun Jun 19 09:45:51 PDT 2022

Saturday morning, I was thinking what to take to CABAL. I thought about mango salsa.  My apricots are getting ripe.  Apricots and mangos are sort of similar in taste and texture.   I looked at a couple recipes for mango salsa and got out my knife.  It was a big hit.  Here are the ingredients, as close as I can remember.   Sorry no photos of removing the pits from the cots or chopping the onion.

| Apricots, pitted and chopped | 3 cups |
| Jalapeno pepper | 2 each |
| red onion | ½ |
| cilantro | ½ cup |
| Juice of 2 lemons | 
| salt | ½ tsp |

Stir and refrigerate for a couple hours to let flavors blend.  Serve with chips.
Note:  My plan was to use 2 peppers. I'm not especially fond of spicy food, so I put in 1 and gave a taste.  I thought that was enough.  Later, the flavors mellowed and I thought 2 would have been better.  You might like even more.
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