[conspire] Not an antivaxxer, nosirree

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Thu May 27 12:50:05 PDT 2021

Quoting Paul Zander (paulz at ieee.org):

> The County health order can be found
> at https://covid19.sccgov.org/order-health-officer-05-18-2021-focused-safety-measures.
> We are still required to wear a face mask indoors. Here is the link to
> the County’s order to collect information on vaccination status and
> the facemask requirement.  https://covid19sccgov.org/public-health-order-faq.

Typo.  https://covid19.sccgov.org/public-health-order-faq

I notice that they had to address the "HIPPA violation" bushwah --
doubtless because that and other anti-vaxx talking points being so

Both are informative and worthwhile pages.  I encourage Conspire
subscribers in Santa Clara County to at least skim-read -- especially
since this is an evolving situation, and since the FAQ describes the
current requirements for _all businesses_ in the county, e.g., this
affects everyone quite a bit.


1.  No more social distancing protocols.

2.  No more mandate for maximum tele-work.

3.  All businesses must now inquire with their employees (and onsite
contractors, and volunteers) to request their vaccination status, and 
have that information on file.

4.  There's still a face covering mandate (the statewide one).

5.  Businesses must report confirmed COVID-19 cases.

6.  Business personnel _not_ fully vaccinated must observe proximity and
face-covering requirements in the workplace.

7.  "Yellow Tier" rules continue to apply.

8.  There are specific state/county rules for schools, youth athletic
programs, other youth programs, etc.

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