[conspire] CABAL (in-person + Jitsi Meet), Sat. Aug. 14, 4pm - 12m

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Aug 10 23:11:08 PDT 2021

I apologise for being late last month, getting to Jitsi Meet:
For the record, I joined at 9pm.  Will do better.

We're on again for CABAL in Family Moen's nice and very spacious backyard
with home cooking -- despite the Delta variant -- and the only new change
is, re: vaccination proof, have altered "Assume I may check" to 
"I will check."

And I will check.

For August, I'm doing a perennial favourite:  homemade from scratch 
pizza.  Also traditional garlic bread with homemade sourdough, and we'll
see what else.  Good things.

Rick & Deirdre's house
1105 Altschul Ave. @ Gordon Ave.
W. Menlo Park
(lost?  call me: 650-283-7902)

You must:

o  Be COVID-19 vaccinated, plus enough time for ramped-up immunity.
o  Feel safe to be here, in company.
o  Attend at your own risk.

Bring your CDC card:  I will check.

_or_ attend online, on Jitsi Meet:  

To attend remotely, you'll need:

o  Computer w/supported Web browser.  Jitsi Meet's supported list is at

   mic w/ speakers/headphones.  Headphones/earbuds
   are recommended because they avert audio feeback loops.

o  or a specialised Jitsi Meet client program:

   o Jitsi Meet Client (28MB APK) for Android 5.0+, via F-Droid:

   o Jitsi Meet Client for Android, via Google Play Store

   o Jitsi Meet Client for iOS, via Apple iTunes Store

   o Jitsi Meet Electron desktop client (86MB binary: Linux x86_64, MacOS,
     MS-Windows), https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet-electron/releases
     (Recommendation for headphones/earbuds still applies.)


Yes, we do follow pandemic news.  A recent tool that should be of
interest:  microCOVID Project, https://www.microcovid.org/ 

One microCOVID is a bespoke unit denoting one-in-a-million chance of
getting COVID-19 (meaning, infection, which does not necessarily mean
being ill).  The tool permits, using data for one's county, calculating
the incremental risk for particular sorts of activity -- and also uses
the concept of "risk budget", the cumulative level of COVID risk each
person decides is acceptable to run in life.  You tell it the sort of
scenario, e.g., for CABAL, I tried:

Scenario:  Outdoor hangout with multiple people
My vax:  Double dose Moderna
Nearby people usually within 5 metres:  6
How close are those nearby people, on average:  normal socialising
Duration:  180 mins
Other people vaxed?  Yes
Their risk profile:  Has 1 close contact whose risk profile I don't know.
Environment: outdoor
Masks:  none
Talking volume: normal

Result:  moderate risk, 20% of my weekly risk budget (assuming I have a
standard caution budget permitting 1% chance of COVID illness per year,
working out to 200 microCOVIDs per week.  Risk for this events:  ~40

And, speaking for my family, we're totally fine with that.

I think the tool's a brilliant way to get your mind straight.  It shows
you the math, the assumptions, and the data modeling.

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