[conspire] BALE & Red Hat User Groups

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli at cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 24 12:02:29 PST 2020

FYI, looks like for the greater* San Francisco Bay Area,
there are now (>=?)two Red Hat User Groups - one apparently
quite newly formed.

Apparently newly formed & first meeting still upcoming,
Red Hat User Group Tri-Valley
First meeting: 2020-02-12 5:30p-7:30p San Ramon
and so new it's not yet listed at: https://red.ht/rhugs

There's also:
Red Hat User Group Sacramento
Apparently next meeting 2020-02-06 6p-8p in Rancho Cordova:

Hmmmm... https://red.ht/rhugs is a bit inconsistent,
it also has listing of Red Hat User Group cities, and includes
San Francisco, San Jose, and Sunnyvale,
but doesn't have links and listing for same under Red Hat User Groups
in the West (perhaps those groups are no longer active or don't currently

No idea if or to what extent these Red Hat User Groups are under the
thumb of and/or sponsored by Red Hat ... at quick glance (small sample
check) looks like they're meeting in non-Red Hat spaces,
but looks like all their on-line stuff I can see is under Red Hat
DNS namespace (and mostly operated via a 3rd party event management
web infrastructure).  So, ... may or may not meet the criteria of
BALE and/or others to qualify as a (Linux, etc.) "User Group".

*greater - as in >=9 San Francisco Bay Area Counties

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