[conspire] curious behavior of bash completion when there's a character that needs to be escaped e.g. $

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 15 15:20:09 PST 2020

Quoting Peter Knaggs (peter.knaggs at gmail.com):

> Still, I recently came across the wonderful benefit of running "detox" on
> my files, so now I hardly ever have any complicated filenames, at least
> on my home machines. Detox can be run recursively too, it even has a
> neat "dry run" option to see how it'll choose to rename the files.
> For example, to see how it'll recursively rename the files under /full/path
> I use it like this:
> detox -r --dry-run /full/path

But why would you want to cease having filenames like Eyjafjallajökull?  ;->

Actually, really neat idea.  I started seeing signs of the need for this
when we started getting other-OS files stored directly on native Unix
filesystems.  Mostly that was a scattering of MS-Windows CP-1252 junk,
but once UTF-8 became ubiquitous, I knew we had a problem.

I like that it defaults to safe behaviour (e.g., not overwriting files
or touching special files), has that dry-run option, and is highly

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