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stalemate, etc. - various sources

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> Re LUGs outliving usefulness.
> What we used to get out of lugs, is now in online forums (including this
> one).

Fifty-move rule: There has been no capture or pawn move in the last
fifty moves by each player, if the last move was not a checkmate.

Threefold repetition: The same board position has occurred three times
with the same player to move and all pieces having the same rights to
move, including the right to castle or capture en passant.

The game is automatically a draw if the player to move is not in check
and has no legal move.

Both players agree to a draw after one of the players makes such an

a situation in which neither group involved in an argument can win or
get an advantage and no action can be taken

As a metaphor
Stalemate has become a widely used metaphor for other situations where
there is a conflict or contest between two parties, such as war or
political negotiations, and neither side is able to achieve victory,
resulting in what is also called an impasse, a deadlock, or a Mexican
standoff.  Chess writers note that this usage is a misnomer because,
unlike in chess, the situation is often a temporary one that is
ultimately resolved, even if it seems currently intractable.

See also: Eternal September

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