[conspire] Learning Python development (was: Update for BALE)

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Wed Jan 8 21:56:09 PST 2020

Quoting Texx (texxgadget at gmail.com):

> Long before someone figured out how to use up obsoleted GPUs, and sell
> them as single board controllers, the term "Pi day" referred to
> Python.
> I dont know enough to teach Python, WHY do you THINK Im ASKING for
> someone to teach it?  Regarding organizing it, I dont know anyone to
> teach it, (see above!)
> Yes some people bring projects to meetings, but im seeing very little
> education going on, which is sad, considering that LUGs are SUPPOSED
> to be educational.
> It seems the Lugs have outlived their original charter.

I'm allowing myself to vent a couple of peeves, today.  And that brings
me to you, Texx.

Hypotheticaly if you were to go back over the past couple of decades of
my posting to LUG mailing lists in the S.F. Bay Area and elsewhere, you 
would find that I've asked about thirty or forty times whether anyone
has answers to specific technical questions I have.  (The most recent
one was 'Does anyone know a decent console client for MySQL as an
alternative to /usr/bin/mysql?'  And, I'm betting that you'll find maybe
once that someone gave me a useful answer in twenty years, and a vast
silence or irrelevant nonsense & digressions for all the rest. 

And you aren't seeing me complaining that LUGs have become useless --
because I don't measure the value of a community institution by whether
it does exactly what benefits my personal interests -- and because I
don't care to look self-centred and demanding of strangers in public.

You might want to learn from that.  _Or_ you could, as I already pointed
out, learn from Deirdre having already given you a _better_ answer than
the one that you asked for (concerning learning of Python), albeit one
that doesn't entail someone being your teacher at a LUG meeting on the
topic of your choosing for your personal convenience.


And kindly stow the cheap-ass theatrics.  Really.

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