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Sat Jan 11 10:29:00 PST 2020

 Prior to this email thread, I was wondering about a lot of other "groups" that have also changed over time.  This includes various hobby clubs as well as professional organizations.
Long ago, most LUGs had Installfests as a major activity.   Today Linux is a lot easier to install.  Difficulties can often be answered by online search.

Similar for other "special interests".  Info can be found online.  No waiting for the next meeting.
Meanwhile, the Internet makes it easy for new people to find out about meetings.  Newbies can change direction of the group.  My observation is that many groups that used to have a strong technical focus have evolved into social events.
Anyway, those are my thoughts.  

    On Tuesday, January 7, 2020, 9:51:29 PM PST, Texx <texxgadget at gmail.com> wrote:  
It seems the Lugs have outlived their original charter.


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