[conspire] Helping rookie IT folks get a foothold in the industry.

Texx texxgadget at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 17:55:29 PST 2020

I dont know how low the sakillset ranges on this list.
I do know that we have some rather new folks who are trying to get a
foothold in the industry.

These things end up in my mbox from time to time and I just delete them and
go on my way.
I recently realized that I actually should share them with the community in
case there is someone really jr who needs a chance to get their foot in the
proverbial door.
This one landed in my mailbox today.
This is a chance to give someone a break they so desperately need.
If anyone knows of an IT "noob" I can supply the entire req outside this
Im only including part of the req, and I do not get anything in return for
passing it on, besides a few brownie points.

*Its a contract from mid Jan to early April.*
Responsible for receiving Hardware/Consumable, unloading or unpacking it,
marking it with Asset Tags to be identified, stocking shelves, and helping
other sites stockroom place orders.
May involve heavy lifting.
Provides day-to-day Stockrrom Duties. May participate in development of
information technology and infrastructure projects. May conduct training
programs designed to educate an organization's computer users about basic
and specialized applications.
Maintain stockroom accuracy and order the hardware/consumable as needed.
Able to anticipate inventory needs and submit orders Kept careful track of
inventory via database systems.
Manage and maintain inventory of company assets, systems and peripherals
Troubleshoot and install of operating system and software application
issues Transfer data between and rebuild of staff systems (cross-platform)
Lift server or computer equipment weighing up to 45lbs.
Work closely with management and other teams to support company wide

Experience with current desktop, laptop, peripheral technologies.
Understanding of Windows and Mac Environment.
System imaging and deployment tools
Microsoft Office knowledge (Mac and PC platforms) Experience with remote
management systems Directory Services systems.
Strong interpersonal and communication skills Strong critical thinking and
task planning skills Strong aptitude to learning new technologies Strong
propensity to work in fast-paced environments with minimal guidance

Minimum Degree Required: Associate's Degree (Community College, MBO)

Hopefully we can give someone a break?


R "Texx" Woodworth
Sysadmin, E-Postmaster, IT Molewhacker
"Face down, 9 edge 1st, roadkill on the information superdata highway..."
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