[conspire] cannot execute binary file

Paul Zander paulz at ieee.org
Wed Aug 31 10:37:11 PDT 2016

This was buried in my earlier posting.  Having encountered the problem at other times that appears to be related to PATH.
I have a terminal window open to some directory.  Inside that directory is a simple script.   And PATH includes places like /usr/bin, but not the current directory.
Typing the following will usually run the script.
  .  ./myscript
But for some more complex stuff, this doesn't always work.  For example, I downloaded a Firefox tarball and unpacked it to some directory.   .  ./firefox
  bash: .: ./firefox: cannot execute binary file
What is the cause of my problem?  At this point, it is falls under "Curious minds want to know."

In the case of Firefox, the "fix" was that a recent update to the Debian package solved my need to run this download.
In a different case, the deb package has not been fixed.  I copied the executable to /usr/bin and it ran.  I have to remember that I have bypassed the package manager which might be a problem in future.
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