[conspire] (forw) Re: Question regarding the install of linux distribution with an Optimus GeForce graphic card

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Sun Aug 14 04:32:14 PDT 2016

Daniel was the main hero of the hour on this one, and to the amazement
of all, managed to completely solve Nicolas's problem.

One thing that made me thing this was _not_ going to happen:  From the
kitchen, I overheard Daniel saying that this ASUS laptop was the Skylake
Intel CPU platform, and I thought 'Uh-oh.'  Because:

And yet, through patient detective work, Daniel found a way to make
Fedora 24 (current release) totally stable, one of the goals that had
eluded Nicolas.  Daniel said the basic solution was through process of
elimination add every one of the alternative video drivers other than
intel (meaning, IIRC, Bumblebee, nouveau, and VESA) to the blacklist
during boot time.  nouveau, in particular, had been causing a hard
lockup of this hardware.

Once that was all done, Fedora 24 worked beautifully on this machine
with full, proper X11.  Nicolas says he has basically no need to use the
Nvidia graphics chip, that the Intel one will more than suffice.  The
real intended role of this machine is as a platform for calculation
work, not 3D graphics.  

After this epic and _successful_ effort, at around 2 am, I drove Nicolas
and Daniel back to their respective places in San Francisco, and have
just gotten home.  Yay!

Thanks, everyone.  I had a great time and got to play cook, while Leo
and Daniel (assisted by Nicolas) did all the work.  For me, it was fun,
and I hope others had a good time.

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