[conspire] Cellphones and GSM privacy

Nick Moffitt nick at zork.net
Wed Jun 27 06:17:14 PDT 2012

Paul Zander:
> Just a few days ago, NPRadio had a story about a "wallet" ap for cell
> phones.  The example was some dude who made a quick trip to the store
> and  arrived at the cashier without his bill-fold or credit cards. 
> But he had his cell phone!  The ap was said make it easy to use the
> phone and PayPal to complete the purchase.
> Ah duh.  I wonder how the ap would be of any use if you got stopped
> for speeding en-route to the store?  

Oh, you probably live in some part of the US where you can't blow your
nose without getting in a car to drive to the tissue box.  Thank you for
sharing your unique and novel perspective with us all.

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