[conspire] conspire Digest, Vol 109, Issue 14

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 17:03:23 PDT 2012

...yes that's the disc but I plan on installing their old kde3 . I'm not particularly healthy lately so you don't need to rush into burning the disc right away . - Thanks - Bruce ...
> > The Dragon Fly BSD. based disc with xfce already
> installed looks like
> > a good place to start when trying to supply my users
> addiction to KDE3
> > . I'd appreciate it if Rick would insert a cron entry
> to download it
> > in a few days when the site hopefully has enough server
> capacity
> > available , assuming it's an easy thing to do with say
> wget . - thanks 
> My understanding is that XFCE4 is _mostly_ functional on the
> BSDs because
> some functionality that is possible only with various
> low-level Linuxisms 
> (udev, consolekit, policykit, upower) was deliberately
> designed to be
> 'optional', e.g., you get the Thunar file-manager's _basic_
> functionality, but the thunar-volman module for automounting
> pluggable
> devices isn't there.  Likewise, Xfce4-session degrades
> a bit in the
> absence of consolekit and policykit.  Much of this
> -can- be retrofitted
> in BSDish code through other means.  Only udev is
> pathologically tied to
> the Linux kernel.
> But anyway, help me out, here, please.  Are you talking
> about the
> Mahesha DragonFly BSD image?  I'm guessing yes, but
> confirmation will be 
> appreciated.   http://island.quantumachine.net/~swildner/LiveDVD/x86_64/
> I've just fetched and unxz-decompressed
> DragonFly-LiveDVD-20120718-1405.iso , 

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